A Variety of Stone Texture Tiles at Stone Studio

In recent years, natural stone has taken over the tile industry as many people are choosing it over other materials while selecting tiles for their houses. Moreover, there are a variety of stone texture tiles to choose from that can be used in various rooms like living rooms, bathrooms, patios, etc. These designs and structures improve the beauty of the stone and improve some of its qualities, giving the surface a unique finishing. 

At Stone Studio, we provide a host of various stone texture wall and floor tiles to our customers that can help bring an elegant look to their homes.

Types Of Stone Texture Floor & Wall Tiles To Choose From

If you’re considering to instal stone texture tiles in your house, here is a list of the various stone texture tiles you can choose from:

By grinding, sanding, and buffing, the material is given a high gloss, mirror-like surface. While it’s important to note that polishing can only be conducted on crystallized stone, the porosity of the stone is not affected. A polished stone texture tile is extremely popular among urban crowds as it enhances the colour and markings of the material. 

Honing a stone tile provides a flat to low sheen gloss to the material. While different levels of gloss are available, this activity makes the surface very smooth, yet porous. This makes the material very common in buildings with high footfall. However, it is important to note that honed stone textures aren’t as vibrant as the polished stone. 

To obtain this texture, stone tiles put under intense heat during fabrication. When the stone heats up, the crystals being to pop, which results in a rough surface. As the surface is extremely porous, the surface gets an irregularly textured finish. This makes it highly popular in outdoor areas. 

Choose Stone Studio The Best Stone Textures Tiles

At Stone Studio, we provide a series of different combinations and textures that you can choose from, depending on the stone you choose and purpose of the tiles, including interiors, exteriors, kitchen tops, and flooring. To check our designs or to request a quote, contact us today!