Quartz Stone Tabletop: Stand Out From The Crowd

When finalizing a tabletop for their homes, most people generally think of granite. However, quartz stone tabletops are gaining a lot of popularity over time due to their qualities—these qualities include an attractive appearance and high durability.

If you’re looking to stand out of the crowd and get a quartz stone tabletop, we at Stone Studio provide high-quality products that match your requirements. 

Why‌ ‌You‌ ‌Should‌ ‌Choose‌ Quartz Stone Tabletop

If you’re wondering why you should choose quartz stone tables for your house, here are a couple of reasons: 

Man-made slabs of stone, quartz tabletops are made of 90% quartz and 10% binding polymers and coloured pigments. Due to the high content of quartz, the material is sturdy and durable. Moreover, this material is also very resistant to scratches and stains. Hence, it makes for the perfect material for tabletops as they need to ensure banging down of pots, pans, knives, cups, plates, etc. 

Due to the way the material is engineered, quartz stone tabletops have a nonporous surface, which ensures there are no holes or cracks through which spills or liquids can soak in. Moreover, a nonporous surface is more sanitary as it is harder for bacteria, viruses, or any other germs to grow on the surface. The nonporous surface is also extremely easy to clean, especially when it comes to liquid spills and stains. 

Natural stone comes in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours as it is derived from nature. While this creates an appealing appearance for flooring and walls, most people prefer a more uniform look for their tabletops. Hence, as quartz stone table tops are manufactured, you get a uniformed look throughout the furniture. 

Choose Stone Studio, The Best Quartz Stone Tabletop Supplier

Tables play a significant role in every home as it is not only used for convenience but also adds an aesthetic appeal to the overall room. If you’re looking for a quartz stone tabletop supplier, we at Stone Studio have a host of high-quality products that can enhance the design of your house. For more information, contact us today!