Choose Slate Tiles For A Classic & Unique Appearance

Slate tile flooring provides a unique style, along with a refined and versatile surface, making it a must-have. Moreover, slate tiles for floors and walls are also long-lasting, especially with proper maintenance. Due to its rustic appearance, slate tiles are often used in bathrooms, patios, and other outdoor environments.

At Stone Studio, we provide high-quality slate for wall and floor, with a host of various designs and an assurance of proper installation.

Why‌ ‌You‌ ‌Should‌ ‌Choose‌ ‌Slate ‌Tiles‌ ‌for‌ ‌Floors‌

If you’re wondering why you should choose slate tiles for floors and walls, here are a couple of reasons:

Many flooring materials provide high durability; however, slate tiles are incredibly unique in looks and are aesthetically pleasing. Moreover, this material can be found in several naturally available colours as there are quarries all over the world. Each tile is uniquely shaped, hence when all the tiles come together, they mould together and create a beautiful work of art.

As slate is extremely water-resistant, it works great in rooms that have high moisture levels and more likely to have liquid contact. For example, slate tiles for bathrooms, kitchens and outdoor pool areas are very popular. 

Slate tiles for floors and walls are extremely easy to clean, especially when they are adequately sealed during installation. Ideally, with proper sealing, spills won’t be able to soak into the stone and, hence, won’t be a problem. Accordingly, this flooring material is ideal for homes with allergy sufferers. Moreover, as the surface of slate tiles for the floor is rough, it makes the perfect non-slippery surface, even when it is wet.

Choose Stone Studio For High-Quality Slate Tiles

At Stone Studio, we provide a wide variety of natural slate tiles that come in various colours and textures, enabling us to give you a plethora of design options. To know more about our products and services, or for an expert opinion about the best tiles and designs for your home decor, contact us today!