Decorate Various Rooms With Pebble Tiles From Stone Studio

A common material that is gaining a lot of popularity in the interior designing niche is pebble tile. A blend of subtle bumpiness and smooth surfaces, pebble tiles gives the room a rustic, yet modern and elegant appeal.

The reason it is extremely popular among people is that it provides a river-bank feel and induces a sense of nature.

At the Stone Studio, we provide the bring the river to your homes with our beautiful pebble tiles that provide an accent strip and are ideal for various rooms like a pebble tile for bathroom and kitchen.

Benefits Of Pebble Floor Tiles

Along with giving the flooring an aesthetic appeal and natural vibe, installing these tiles have a host of benefits as well. We’ve listed some of them below:

A floor with pebble tiles can be designed to either have a smooth finish or a slightly elevated feel for a rustic, rugged finish. Hence, it’s ideal for all types of houses, regardless of the feel of the house.

Installing pebble tile on the bathroom floor is a great option as it provides an anti-slip surface. This is because the slightly rugged texture helps your foot get a good grip, thereby preventing you from slipping.

Moreover, the pebble tile is water-resistant, making it ideal for places like the bathroom or kitchen that are prone to backsplashes.

Yes, the pebble tile offers a host of various health benefits too, including being used to create reflexology footpaths, which are designed to massage and stimulate acupressure points and neurological reflexes.

So, what are you waiting for? Bring the elegance, yet the practicality of pebble tile to your home with Stone Studio. We offer the latest and trending collection of tile options, that are sure to give your bathroom an elegant new look. Moreover, being one of the prominent river pebbles suppliers in India, our tiles are carefully hand-selected and sorted based on the colour, size and shape to ensure we provide our customers with the highest quality.

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