Article Title: 8 Ways to Keep Your Slate Looking Great
Posted On: 2013-02-13
Info: Slate natural stone, must still be cared for to keep it as clean and as beautiful as the day it was installed.
Slate is great at resisting stains and etching, but there are no maintenance-free stones. Regardless of their superstar qualities, slate tiles will live where you do, which means they will eventually accumulate dust or spills in your living areas. Here are 8 tips to caring for your slate from the day it is installed to beyond:
1. Since slate's surface is not completely smooth, it is important to seal prior to grouting. At install, seal your slate stone tiles. Particularly important for slate floors, three coats of sealant (each allowed to dry fully before reapplying the next) will slow down the rate at which spills soak in, helping the natural stone tile to resist stains, and making them easier to clean going forward.
2. Clean up spills immediately – particularly those from acid based foods (like vinegar or lemon) and of darker liquids (like grape juice). Blot slate, don’t wipe.
3. For slate flooring, sweep first and follow with a damp mop once a week. To achieve the best results, go back and forth in the same direction with your wiping or mopping.
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8 Ways to Keep Your Slate Looking Great
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